Ukrainian emotions

Traveling – is the best thing in the world.

My mom keeps asking me, “What did you find in hiking?”, “Is it comfortable  to sleep?” “Backpack is not heavy?”, “What about hygiene?” etc. A lot of questions.

If you ever have a chance to travel with backpack, do it, because it’s worth it. Many people do not realize the fact things that are necessary in the city, in hike simply makes no sense. What you will receive finally –  many times compensates any inconvenience.

Sleeping in a tent in a warm sleeping bag is much nicer and more comfortable than the beds in the house. I give you my word!) A backpack is not so heavy as 21 century in the street and the creators of tourist backpacks thought of everything a long time ago)) and washing in the river is much nicer than in washbasin, because the water is cleaner and fresher . And the food is much more tasty, fragrant and hearty.

There you will get energy, new emotions,  new friends (there is no way without this, because next to you will be your supporters). Every day you will live on 100%.

In hikes everything is easier than it may seem at first sight 🙂 And most important is that people are open like they inside. They are not pretending : every person that you will meet on your path is uncomplexed, more sociable, smiling, kind, calm … You will be surprised, believe me.

Travel, Explore the world and Be surprised of the beauty of our planet.